Where is that shop?

In Auckland, the king of mavericks is the weather. Murphy’s laws apply quite well to the weather here. When you carry an umbrella, it won’t rain and if it does, your umbrella will get blown away. Thus I concluded that umbrellas aren’t worth it. So now when it rains and I am walking to the university or back home, I take the Queen Street.

Glories of Sankirtan

I hitched a ride from the temple to get back to the city. The guy who gave me a lift asked me what I was up to. So I told him that I am a Hare Krishna and had been to the temple. After a moment of silence he asked “So what is this Hare Krishna? I am interested. I was into the Beatles and my favourite George Harrison, was really into the Hare Krishnas. So I am interested, what is it?” Never mind my answer.