Glories of Sankirtan

Bhaktin Anjali's picture
I hitched a ride from the temple to get back to the city. The guy who gave me a lift asked me what I was up to. So I told him that I am a Hare Krishna and had been to the temple. After a moment of silence he asked “So what is this Hare Krishna? I am interested. I was into the Beatles and my favourite George Harrison, was really into the Hare Krishnas. So I am interested, what is it?” Never mind my answer. 
Its been a few days since this incident. My mind today wandered again to that guy talking about George Harrison. He did for Krishna what he did the best. He took a microphone and sang to a crowd. O my sweet Lord!
O my sweet Lord! When will be the day when I will be rid of the sewage in my heart? When will be the day when I feel love for You? When will be the day when I will ceaselessly sing Your glories to the world? Sing like there is no tomorrow! Kirtaneya sada Hari! 
O my sweet Lord, with the mercy of your devotees, I know it won’t take too long :-)
O my sweet Lord! All glories to those who glorify You!