Prabhupada in Paris

Arrival at Temple, 4 rue le Sueur

Devotees had shifted the Temple to this place just a few months before Prabhupada's visit. The Jagannath, Baladev and Subhadra Deities here, were carved by a french devotee, Dayamrga dasa. On this particular visit to Paris, Prabhupada installed The famous Radha Paris-Isvara Deities

Paris City Hall Welcome

The vice President of the Paris City Council (equivalent to a Mayor in the U.S.) arranged a Welcome for Prabhupada. In the presence of reporters and dignitaries he praised Prabhupada for coming to France at an advanced age as a spiritual ambassador from India. As usual Prabhupada was bold, understanding and with no compromise in his statements.

Morning Walk

Prabhupada on a morning walk with disciples in Bois de Boulogne,.

Meeting with Cardinal Danielou

Danielou was the chief Cardinal of all catholic churches in France. He was known as the Bohemian priest and had a very good following among the young people in the 70s, a time when France had a very political environment. The meeting was arranged by a devotee through an old woman, a personal friend of the Cardinal.

Sri Sri Radha-ParisIsvara Installation

"Radharani has come to France as the most beautiful French girl. Because in the whole world the girls with the most beautiful faces are the French girls."
- Srila Prabhupada.

Offering a Ghee Lamp to The Deities

Prabhupada offering the first Arati after installation OF The famous Radha Paris-Isvara Deities. After the Arati he danced in the kirtan for a while.


Prabhupada initiating his French disciples.